E2U Flake System (1/4 Chips)


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For the ultimate natural stone look, the Epoxy2U Flake System delivers the ultimate in quality, flexibility and strength. Control the look of your floor by using more or less flakes.

The flakes can be broadcast into a coloured epoxy, polyurea, polyaspartic or urethane base-coat.


Apply the Epoxy2U Flake System at a rate of 20 sq/ft to 200 sq/ft of floor coating per lb. of flakes. A full broadcast happens when the flakes are applied so densely that they cannot be absorbed anymore by the coating and are sitting on the surface. For a full broadcast, apply at a rate of 5-7 sq/ft per 1lb.

Major Advantages

  • Ultimate in strength and flexibility
  • Will conceal sub-surface imperfections
  • Colourfast, UV-stable pigments
  • Can reduce noise
  • Decorative, natural stone look

Available in 10kg boxes.

This product is intended for professional use. Please use the product inquiry form to enquire about trade pricing.

Size: 10kg box