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E2U Metallic Epoxy Kit

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A leading edge product, the E2U Metallic Epoxy has a 45 to 60 minutes working time and has exceptional flow abilities and self levelling properties, making application much easier.

The chemistry of this product accounts for excellent bonding. The Epoxy2U Metallic Epoxy is normally applied in a 20mm single coat. It does not require an activator to sprayed on the surface as it will obtain a unique and decorative look due to it’s dynamic blend.

The E2U Metallic Pigment allows for the easy addition of reflective metalic colour to the clear Metallic Epoxy providing you with a beautiful, high gloss metallic epoxy finish.


This product can be safely and confidently used in showrooms, hotel lobbies & entry-ways, exhibition halls, restaurants, and retail/commercial venues.

It meets the USDA (applicable to the United States only) Food & Beverage regulatory requirements.

Major Advantages

  • Finishes with a dynamic & exotic look
  • Zero VOC
  • High ambering resistance
  • High gloss and colour stability
  • No amine blush
  • Nearly 100% odourless
  • Chemically resistant
  • Lower viscosity (45-60 minutes working time)

Technical Data Sheet

Epoxy2U Metallic Epoxy Technical Data Sheet

This product is intended for professional use. Please use the product inquiry form to enquire about trade pricing.