E2U Metallic Tint


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The Epoxy2U Metallic Tint/Pigment is a trouble free way to add a reflective metallic colour to a clear Metallic Epoxy that will result in a brilliant, high gloss metallic epoxy finish.

The Metallic Tint is available in a good selection of colours, which when combined with the Epoxy2U Metallic Epoxy Resin results in limitless possibilities. Colours can be mixed to create an endless choice of possibilities.


A black base coat is recommended prior to applying a metallic colour to give optimum results. An application of lesser tint will result in a more translucent colour. It is recommended to mix this product with Epoxy2U Metallic Epoxy.

Major Advantages

  • Completely customisable
  • 20 vibrant colours
  • Wide range of applications including interior and garage floors
  • Adds to E2U Metallic Epoxy
  • Colours can be combined to produce endless results

Available in 32 Ounces.

Size: 32 Ounces