E2U Polyurea Crack Repair Kit

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E2U Polyurea Crack Repair Kit

E2U Polyurea Crack Repair Kit

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The Epoxy2U Polyurea Crack Repair Kit has been formulated to act as a crack filler primarily in concrete. It is a 2-component, elastomeric sealing polymer providing leading edge adhesion characteristics with fast cure times.

It features outstanding properties such as being highly chemical resistant, UV stable, resistant to water, abrasion and remains thermally stable in a range of -29°C to 125°C.

The E2U Crack Repair Kit can be used under traditional floor coatings or any of the Epoxy2U top-coating materials.

Our product is happily used in heavy traffic warehouse floors, refrigeration floors, chemical spill prone floors, pothole road repairs or under ceramic tile floors.


Designed to be used as a vertical paste compound to trowel in gaps and cracks, it also has self-levelling properties which enables it to be used as a horizontal filler.

Gaps and cracks should be cleaned and blown out to eliminate water and loose particles.

Major Advantages

  • High colour stability
  • Chemically resistant
  • Cures in under 30 minutes
  • Ready to grind after curing
  • Can withstand heavy traffic
  • VOC-compliant

Technical Data Sheet

Epoxy2U Polyurea Crack Repair Kit Technical Data Sheet

This product is intended for professional use. Please use the product inquiry form to enquire about trade pricing.


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